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Rolex and Breitling Represent the Best in German and Swiss Watches

By Mitch Endick

During over one hundred years of watch making history, the name Rolex has become synonymous with craftsmanship and style. Rolex is probably one of them most recognizable brand names in history and is well known throughout the world. These watches are among some of most popular and sought after watches, prized by prince and pauper alike.

As a result of this enormous cultural popularity, the Rolex name has long been the target of those seeking to capitalize on this famous brand by flooding the world market with a seemingly endless supply of cheap knockoffs and outright fakes which can sometimes fool even a savvy watch buyer. More than just a cottage industry, copies of the genuine article can be found in great abundance.

Unlike many manufacturers of fine Swiss timepieces, Rolex got its start in England, with founder Hans Wildorf setting up his first operation in London in the year nineteen and five. Wildorf emigrated from his birthplace of Bavaria in Germany and was orphaned at a young age. Almost from the start he focused on producing fine quality wrist watches at a time when watch buyers were being abandoning their more cumbersome pocket watches in favor of the convenience and style of the wrist watch. Like many watch makers of his day, Wildorf purchased movements from more established firms in Switzerland.

Unlike the pocket watch which, as the name implied, fit snugly in ones watch pocket, the wrist watch was more exposed to the elements and to the wear and tear of everyday use. Many early wrist watches had problem with water and dirt intruding into the internal workings causing premature wear and requiring regular cleaning. Wildorf strove to create a watch that was water and dust proof and her succeeded by marketing one of the first watches that featured a waterproof case.

Today, Rolex remains of the finest names in timekeeping the world. Often copied but never duplicated, Rolex is the gold standard in fine watches.

Breitling Watch History
From the mountains of Switzerland, came what is thought to be a watch for the ages, the Breitling. Its been said that since 1915, Breitling has been the choice of aircraft pilots and others who truly appreciate the fine craftsmanship that this brand of watches is known for.

As makers of the first chronographic timepieces, Breitling watches have been carried by pilots, astronauts, yachtsman and divers. Founded in 1884 by twenty four year old Leon Breitling, the company has been in the family for successive generations and continues to make what many people consider to be one of the finest chronographic timepieces in the world. They have a reputation for being rugged and extremely accurate and are popular among members of the military community, including pilots of the United States Air Force.

Built to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the companys founding, one of most popular Breitling models is said to be the Chronomat. The Breitling Company has incorporated design features which were on the leading edge of watch design and utility. One unique design, the Emergency features a micro transmitter that broadcasts an emergency distress signal. Other firsts in chronograph watch design includes the introduction of the first self-winding model.

The company remains a family-owned operation and continues to be a major supplier of precision timepieces with a reliability and style that is unsurpassed. Constant innovations in design and style led to other watch manufacturers attempting to copy the Breitling look. What the imitators can never do is duplicate the precision of the genuine article.

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