Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How To Choose Replica Rolex Watches

By Mike Selvon

Many Americans ask themselves, "Who can afford Rolex's $6,995 Yachtmaster watch?" The sad fact is that this is not even the most expensive one on the market. While they've carved out a distinctive niche in the high class luxury market, many people appreciate the style and fashion, without wanting to spend as much money as a used car.

That is why the market for replica Rolex watches is booming. While the terms "fake," "replica" and "imitation" often bring up negative connotations, there is nothing cheap about most of these watches.

For starters in the luxury watch market, know this: one can find actual used Rolex watches or preowned one for $2,650 - $8,900. Places like Melrose Jewelers will usually give you a one-year-warranty and parts guarantee.

You may be able to find used and preowned watches on Ebay or at an auction site, but you won't be getting the warranty or safeguard on your investment that official jewelers offer. Regardless, for many buyers, $8,000 is still way too high to pay for a watch or piece of jewelry.

BlueFakes based out of Manhattan, New York and winner of the 2007 Webby Award, offers replica Rolex watches with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a full 2 year warranty. The site claims that even your local jeweler won't be able to tell the difference because their imitation Rolex watches are made out of the same high grade stainless steel, diamonds and 18-karat gold as the real ones and are all individually hand-crafted.

Unlike some Asian-made fake Rolex, these replicas are not mass-produced, so it's virtually impossible to tell the difference between the replica and the real one. Similarly, IdealWatches, GoReplicas and EuroFakes have received praiseworthy reviews on their replica Rolex watches. IdealWatches has the latest 2007 models for around $900.

Some people purchase replica Rolex watches simply because they don't want to wear their real ones underwater, out on the golf course or on vacation where it could get lost or stolen. Others want the sophistication of a Rolex without paying a fortune.

Imitation Louie Vuitton bags and Gucci earrings are everywhere. Toyota MR2's are becoming the new Porsche Boxter. Why pay so much for the status, acceptance and class you deserve? As a bargain hunter and good shopper, you deserve so much more.

Replica Rolex watches are nothing to be ashamed of, with price tags into the thousands. There is a line of distinction between over-charging and robbing that sometimes gets blurred in the luxury watch business. Remember, there's nothing glamorous about an over-extended bank account and remember, you don't have to be a celebrity to look like one.

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