Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finding the Perfect Diamond Earring Set

By Andy West

For many, a diamond earring set is fondly remembered as the first real piece of jewelry ever owned. Though it is a rather simple accessory, it is something that can give a lifetime of significance to the wearer. As it has been found, diamonds are not only jewelry but also an investment, an heirloom and treasured keepsake.

Because there are now so many venues in which to purchase these earrings, choosing a quality set means focusing on four basic elements. The basic scale used to rate the quality of a diamond is referred to as the Four C's. When examining using the Four C's, one is looking at the color, clarity, cut and carat.

When referring to color in a diamond, the aim is to get one with as little color as possible. A scale that ranks from A to Z helps determine color, with A being truly colorless. A stone that is ranked towards A, or colorless, will cost a great deal more than those ranked on the other end of the scale.

In general, a color ranking of G or H is considered to be very fitting for earrings. This is especially true if one opts for a typical carat size. However, if one is opting for a larger than average carat size, the color ranking should be as close to colorless as possible.

The element of clarity in a diamond refers to flaws such as cloudiness or microscopic cracks deep within the stone that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The scale of clarity goes from F for flawless to I3. Stones on the lowest end of the scale are considered to be seriously flawed.

Though most diamonds for earrings are ranked SI1, clarity is not always the most important element to consider unless and until considering a larger carat. It is also not as important because earrings generally do not see the same kind of wear and tear as other accessories. Not having to put a focus on clarity is what makes earrings one of the most affordable jewelry purchases there is.

Cut is another element to consider when purchasing diamond earrings and perhaps one of the most significant. Cut has much to do with how much light reflects off of the diamond. Common cuts such as round or princess are just some of a few popular options to choose from.

When cut is an issue, it is recommended that one choose a high grade in order to get the best sparkling qualities. With a good cut, there will be more facets or polished surfaces on the precious stone to reflect light. However, there are some that have fewer facets than others that are still attractive and desirable.

Last but not least, carat is yet another element to consider when purchasing. It is said that carat ranks as high in importance as cut during the selection process. When it comes to earrings, carat refers to the combined weight of the diamonds used.

Choosing a set of earrings that is smaller may be more affordable; however it is important that the setting does not overshadow the diamonds. Earrings of a large carat can simply be too overwhelming to offer any type of aesthetic value.

Other things to consider when buying diamond earrings are the setting, the shaft, the clasp and the metal used to create them. Whether choosing gold or silver, flaws in these aspects can seriously affect the overall quality of the earring. Many jewelers will offer to cover any unforeseen defects and its workmanship by offering some type of warranty.

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