Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tips to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

By Jerry Leung

As you begin your search for your wedding jewelry there are a few things you must keep in mind. The wedding jewelry must actually contrast your wedding dress, however ironic it may sound. If your wedding dress is fancy and gaudy try to stick to simple and understated jewelry.
On the other hand if you're wedding attire is simple, try to liven it up with a bit of showy jewelry. The next thing, it must compliment the way you wear your hair. If you are wearing the hair in an up-do, then larger earrings will make you look a stunner with your dress. For those of you who prefer wearing their hair down, go for small studs or miniature hoops.

Though it may seem insignificant, the way you wear your veil can also have an impact on your persona. Jewelry that is too gaudy and huge tends to make you look odd and rob quite a lot of your charisma by becoming a distraction. The color of the metal is of vital importance.
Of course the color of metal depends on the metal you choose. The commonly preferred metals are Gold and Silver, whichever you choose you should try to stick to one and not mix them up. This hold true especially for earrings and necklaces as these are the most conspicuous parts of your wedding jewelry. These days many brides choose to wear pearls on their wedding day. They have this magical ability to look stunning with almost any type of wedding dress and hair do.
Sterling Silver wedding bands make a chic statement besides being durable and sturdy. Usually the wedding band is a highly polished band of either silver or gold. Selecting a sterling silver wedding band begins with the design preference. The commonly preferred ones are those with personalized engravings, channel set gemstone accents or just a simply highly polished one.
Apart from the design, the size of the ring is also of prime importance and is a vital consideration when shopping for sterling silver bands. Besides being attractive they are less expensive and available at a fraction of the price you will be paying for other precious metal. With regular care, and polishing sterling silver can last a life time. Another metal that has been growing in prominence is Titanium. The metal's hypoallergic qualities, lightweight, affordability renders it a good choice for wedding jewelry. Titanium is an extremely tough metal and is practically unbreakable.
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