Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Man's Guide To Engagement Rings

By Victor Epand

If you have met your dream girl and it is time to pop up the question in a traditional way, which usually takes a woman's breath away, you had better have your engagement ring ready.
Nowadays, couples decide on various engagement ring designs and then venture down to their favorite jeweler with their chosen design. Previously, engagement rings were just crude bands that were very simple and made of iron. Today, the engagement rings are made of gold or platinum and are still regarded as symbolic of the union of two people.

An engagement is a ceremony that declares a man's love for a woman and is performed in a traditional way where he gives his beloved a ring, which is of great sentimental value to declare his wish to make her his companion for life. If the woman accepts the ring then it signifies that she too wishes to marry him and then the ceremony is considered legally binding.

What better way to show love than by the act of giving or receiving a band or a diamond engagement ring! Nowadays, designing rings has become a delight for every jeweler. Size of the diamond does not necessarily make the ring a popular choice, rather the combination of the ring and the woman it is associated with adds to the sparkle.

It is nice to share love with a person whom you care for and the engagement is an important occasion. It is a commitment leading towards a new life and the beginning of a journey.
Tips to choose the right engagement ring

Before you plan to select a ring, you need to understand some basic points like:
Your partner's ring sizeHer preference of material baseStyle preferenceJeweler preference
You should find out her taste and preference and keep her lifestyle in mind. If she prefers simple designs then probably you should buy a diamond solitaire that may be appropriate rather than going in for some jazzy design that flaunts a cluster of gems. Be sure to buy the engagement ring from her chosen jeweler, as he would know her taste and style. If she has ever expressed her choice while courting, then try to remember it to impress her.

The ring you choose for your chosen one should always reflect your personality and she should love to wear it always, as it represents your love and care. Once you decide on the style, be sure to determine how much you need to shell out and arrange for it.

Traditionally, a man is expected to shell out at least two months salary for the engagement ring, so that the young woman's family appreciates the conscious effort. Before you go about buying the ring, consider offers given by jewelers, as this is more essential if you are buying a diamond ring.

You should always ask for a guarantee so that the stone is genuine. Make sure that the base metal is properly hallmarked and that the diamonds carry certificates. Once you are through with all this, then what remains is to find a perfect moment to present the perfect symbol of love!

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