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The Secrets to Purchasing Diamond Wedding Rings

By David Cowley

Any woman would no doubt swoon at the idea of getting a diamond wedding ring - or a diamond anything for that matter! If you're a man trying to choose just the right ring for your fiance or for your wife, then you've come to the right spot. We can give you some tips and pointers from the insiders - meaning real women - on how to select the perfect diamond wedding ring for your significant other.

First off, keep in mind that there are really three different types of diamond wedding rings. There is a diamond wedding band, which is meant to be worn with an engagement ring and is presented during the wedding ceremony. Then there are anniversary bands, which usually have a number of diamonds to represent the year of the anniversary, or one diamond in the center and then gemstones for each of the children, or some other such design. And lastly there are eternity bands, which are really diamond wedding rings that are either worn as a wedding band with or without an engagement ring, or are meant as an anniversary present. Eternity bands have diamonds going all the way around them - in a never ending circle, just like eternity. Get it?

Which Diamond Wedding Ring is Right For Your Special Lady?
Of course there's no easy answer to that question, and chances are that your wife or fiance will be happy with whatever ring you choose. But here are some things you can keep in mind. For one, many professional career women like a diamond ring that they can wear without their engagement ring during work hours, especially if the diamond in the engagement ring is quite large.

An eternity band can look very lovely in this case, as it is beautiful enough to wear on its own. Also, if you are selecting a diamond ring that will be worn with the engagement ring, you want to be sure that the two will look good together. In this case, it may be a good idea to choose a wedding set rather than selecting two separate rings, or to ask a jeweler for help in deciding on bands that complement one another.

If you're looking for a wedding ring diamond as an anniversary gift, put some thought into the design and the stones, and especially for the anniversary year. Obviously a ring for your 25 year anniversary may be a bit more significant than the gift you got her for your third anniversary. Many diamond rings that are presented as anniversary gifts have not just diamonds but gemstones to represent the number of children you have. So, if you have three children, you may find a band with three rubies and two diamonds in between them. Or if it's your five year anniversary, get a diamond wedding ring with five small diamonds across.

The real key to selecting the right wedding diamond ring is to put some thought into it, and try to select something that you know she'll love and will be proud to wear forever.
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Diamonds in the Buff

White Gold Diamond Earring

Diamonds in the Buff

Rings have long been associated as symbols of love. Engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, and friendship rings all represent a declaration of some form of affection between two people. Even buying a ring for yourself, to wear everyday or on special occasions only, is a self-affirming gift, demonstrating your right to spoil yourself.

Choosing jewellery is a deeply personal decision. This is especially true for rings. You know what metal you like, what your taste in stones is, and what type of setting you prefer. Even when we make our own choices regarding the rings that we want, we sometimes need some help and guidance from experts to ensure that we've made a wise decision.

Most jewellery shops have expert consultants who are able to provide you with valuable advice regarding the cut, colour, clarity and size of your stone, particularly if it's a diamond. If you're designing your own ring, they are able to help you choose a stone that suits the design that you want. They even make sure that the design suits the shape of your hand. Another important point that they help you with is showing you how the colour of your stone will affect your choice of metal.

In order to get an idea of the different ring styles available, or to see what the current trends are, especially regarding engagement and wedding rings, it's a good idea to do some online research. There are dozens of sites dedicated to rings. They provide information on anything from sizing a ring to choosing a professional jeweller who will design a ring to suit your personality.

Currently trendy on the jewellery market are titanium rings. They are far less expensive than rings made of other metals such as gold and platinum. The diminished costs don't, however, affect the beauty of rings made with titanium, which makes them ideal for those with budget restrictions. Being an alloy, it's a durable metal that lasts longer than gold. The rings are relatively scratch proof and can withstand conditions of extreme heat, cold and pressure.

Rings made of titanium are proving to be particularly popular with men who choose them as wedding rings. Black titanium has a sensual masculinity about it, and also points to the individuality of the man wearing it. Other benefits of titanium include it being smooth so that it doesn't irritate the skin, as well as the fact that it's hypoallergenic and safe to wear for those who are allergic to gold.

Another good reason to investigate your options online with your spouse-to-be is to get an idea of prices, and what you can expect for your budget. It's very important to settle on a budget and decide to stick to it no matter what before you start looking at rings. This is because once you start visiting sites you'll want nearly everything you see. You may decide to go slightly over budget for one that you and your fiancé both fancy.

From there it's easy to keep going that extra bit over budget as you see more and more rings that you both like. Eventually you risk deciding that because the rings are for life you might as well go large and go for something that exceeds your original budget by three or four times.

Some online investigating will reveal that you can get beautiful rings for very reasonable prices. It's also a good idea to include your budget range in your search phrase so that you won't be tempted by anything more extravagant. Research for this article turned up some lovely rings for as low as $89. On the opposite end of the scale some rings exceeded $10,000 and not all of them were easy on the eyes.

Wedding rings are given to represent a life-long love, but that doesn't mean you have to spend the rest of your life paying for them in monthly installments. Provided the rings are given with sincerity and the love behind them is known to be beyond doubt, their cost is a secondary consideration. After all, true love is priceless.

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How To Buy A High Quality Rolex Replica Watch

By Jessie Ferguson

Rolex watch is one of the world's best brands in watches. It is definitely most frequently replicated and there are several different types of replicas available. You must search and weigh up against the multiple available options before you finalize on which one to buy.

Rolex Replica watches are reasonably priced and they provide a high quality. There are many people who are fascinated by Rolex watches but their pocket does not allow them to spend thousands of dollars. One can save a substantial amount by going for Rolex replica and you can use the money saved on a vacation or payment of a new vehicle.

A Rolex watch is quite fascinating and it is a status symbol. However, if you cannot manage to pay for the real Rolex watch you can go for a high quality replica. A number of product grades are available and they depend on the quality of watches.

The significant features that differentiate among various replicas comprise five quality grades, water resistance, jeweled movements, weight, the hacking symbol, the gold or skinny glossy surface, the stainless steel, the type of crystal, and the warranty. All these elements differ from watch to watch. And it is these properties which decide the price of the watch. The Rolex replicas start from $5 and they can cost several thousand dollars.

The Grades play an important part in distinguishing different Rolex Replicas watches and getting acquainted with their related prices. At present, there are five grades of Rolex Replica sold on the Internet. The Swiss Rolex Replica is rated as Grade 1 and it is the best replica available. The Japanese Rolex Replicas are present in grade 2-4 and they are considered as very good replicas. The cheapest and the low quality replica is the Chinese Rolex replica. It is attributed grade 5.

Another vital attribute to be considered is the weight of your replica. You can typically make out your watch's genuineness by its weight. Due to the quality of materials used in the watch, the authentic Rolex is quite heavy. The high grade Rolex replica watches are metallic watches and they are heavier than other low grade versions. The Swiss Rolex replica weighs almost the same as its real counterpart so it is tough to distinguish between them.

Therefore, if the weight of your Rolex replica watch appears to be too light for its appearance, it has probably a low grade and must be quite cheap.

The Swiss Roles replica can withstand 30 m or 100 feet of water. Due to this water-resistant property, it is used in diving and other water games. Before you buy rolex replica watches then carefully inspect it and especially the clock setting mechanism. You can buy replica Rolex in lots of internet shops. The Japanese Rolex replicas remain water resistant for up to 10-15 feet (3 - 5 meter) of water. They are good for light showers but cannot be kept underwater for a long time. In that case water can enter the dial and fog up the face of the watch. If it occurs, it can be reversed by keeping the watch in sunlight for about 3 hours.

Jesse has years of experience with helping customers to buy rolex replica in good quality and has reviewed hundreds of replica watch models over the years.

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How to Keep Sterling Silver Jewelry Shiny and Bright

Tips for Cleaning and Preventing Tarnish
By Lee Shyu

Cleaning sterling silver jewelry has sometimes gained a reputation for being tedious. This only happens if you allow your jewelry to become irreparably tarnished through neglect. Good cleaning habits and a few simple precautions taken when you wear your jewelry should be enough to keep Sterling Silver bright and beautiful for years.

Preventing Sterling Silver Tarnish
One of the most important steps for keeping silver jewelry bright is preventing the tarnish in the first place. While rarely discussed, learning how to prevent tarnish will save hours of cleaning time later on. You should remove all sterling silver jewelry when applying perfumes, hair spray, lotions, and similar items. Avoid getting make-up, foods, and drink on your jewelry.

If you do stain your jewelry with the above, rinse immediately with water and soap (mild, phosphate free preferably). Avoid strong chemicals, such as those found in hair coloring and dyes; these can tarnish silver instantly. Removing your jewelry when you bath or swim may or may not be necessary; just rinse with soap and water afterwards to clean off any residual chemicals.

Cleaning your Sterling Silver Jewelry
The most common cleaning method for sterling silver jewelry is to use a soft polishing cloth on pieces you frequently wear. This helps remove any dirt or oils that may get on your jewelry through contact with skin and the environment. A soft non-abrasive cloth will work, or visit a jewelry store to purchase chemically treated polishing clothes especially designed for jewelry polishing. The frequency of such cleanings will vary with each person, but the hard and fast rule is to wipe the piece anytime you feel the shine is looking dull or before you store the piece away for an extended period.

Silver jewelry that won't be worn for a while must be sealed in a plastic or cloth bag to minimize exposure to oxygen, humidity, and damage.

For a more thorough cleaning, detergents can be used. One method is to place a few pinches of baking soda or other mild non-phosphate detergents on your jewelry, then wash with mineral free water by either rubbing with fingers or using a soft cloth. Scrubbers or soft tooth brushes may be used for a deeper cleaning only if necessary, since they may scratch the surface and dull the jewelry's polish.

There are also chemical cleaners available, but repeated use of liquid cleaners can result in discoloration overtime, therefore, such cleaners should only be used sparingly and only when other methods of cleaning fail.

When cleaning with any of the methods listed here, avoid directly cleaning any gemstones or you will dull the polish overtime.

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Millefiori Pendant Jewelry

Murano glass jewelry is made from original Murano glass. Murano glass comes from the Murano, the glasswork capital of the world in the 13th Century. Glass working technologies such as crystalline glass, milleflori, enameled glass, multi-colored glass, smoke glass, and milk gas all came from Murano.

The most popular jewelry made from Morano Ventian glass beads are Millefiori pendants. Millefiori, which stands for a thousand flowers, gets its name from several floral designs and geometric shapes, which build up its mosaic design. The mosaic appearance of Millefiori pendants is due to the designs of the glass rods themselves.

The glass rods are made of multiple layers of colored glass fused together making up a uniform design along the cross section of the rod. These designed rods are heated so they become soft enough to stretch, all the while maintaining its cross section design. Stretching the rods makes them easier to cut into the many small tubes, which are responsible for the intricate design of the millefiore. These tubes are then carefully laid out, piece by piece, in a metal ring, which may vary in both size and shape depending on the desired result.

Common shapes of millefiore pendants are sometimes hearts, stars, but more commonly just circles. Once all the tubes or disks are laid out nicely, the pieces are heated in a furnace to fuse. What comes from this is the completed centerpiece of the pendant. The pendant is completed by framing the gem in sterling silver or gold and then strung with a chain.

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