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Strawberry Lane - Artisan Jewlery by AzizaBeads featuring Kazuri

Strawberry Lane - Artisan Jewlery by AzizaBeads featuring Kazuri

Take me down memory lane to the beatles
It measures 22" Around and the focal Kazuri bead is about 35 mm

To give and idea of the size of all the other beads. And the flowers and strawberry fields bloom all the way up the necklace in more Kazuri and lamwork beads. The tiny 4 mm beads which conneect all of these beads and draw them together into a harmonious whole are czech english cut vintage iridescent light pink faceted beads and they do hold their own for their size. The colors are primarilly mauves pink and violets with some other more subtle colors which give balance. This necklace makes a definite statement and will be noticed. The Kazuri beads are all hand molded and hand painted by a woman's co-operative in kenya and the lamp-work beads are all hand blown by various artists here in the USA.

Jewelry is one of the most personal gifts you can give someone. Handmade jewelry chosen for that special person says you have given a lot of thought to your purchase. You may choose from many types of handcrafted artisan jewelry such as casual, classic, and contemporary, to jewelry worn with business attire or formal wear. Also keep in mind the variety and color of jewelry available from freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstone, and crystals, to African trade beads. In addition to personal color preference, think about whether the person for whom you are purchasing this gift has a passion for earrings, bracelets or necklaces.

Consider personal style in choosing your gift. An appropriate gift for a very casual dresser, wearing jeans, t-shirts and flip flops may not be suitable for the business person who wears more formal apparel every day. A trendy necklace or bracelet in their favorite color looks great when dressing up a denim outfit. If your friend has a fondness for certain gemstones, a beautiful gemstone pendant may compliment a traditional business suit. A contemporary dresser may wear the most stylish jewelry while a formal dresser might prefer a classic jewelry ensemble, maybe freshwater pearls or crystals.

All Jewelry Handmade

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