Sunday, June 17, 2007

Star nipple shield body jewelry

Star nipple shield body jewelry
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Product Description
Sexy cluster of hollow stars and clear gemstones are suspended upon a silver chain. 316L surgical steel, 14 gauge 5/8" straight barbell is externally threaded. Sold individually.

Body jewelry has come a long way in recent years. Years ago it was considered strange if anything more than your ears were pierced and to see earrings on a man would actually be frowned upon. Nowadays it is quite common to see large amounts of piercing and body jewelry being worn by one single person.

Body piercing was seen as something the more adventurous would have considered having done and even then it would be limited to ears. With increasing popularity body piercing is becoming a trend and sometimes an addiction. Quite often you will see people with not only their ears pierced but also various other parts of the body including the navel, lips and tongue.

These piercing are not limited to women they are also seen on men.
Having a body piercing involves puncturing your skin with a specialist tool and adding a piece of body jewelry hygiene is an important factor when having any sort of piercing as infections are common. It is important to keep the pierced area clean and germ free, it is recommended that you should not touch a piercing for at least 24 hours and after that make sure your wash your hands before touching the piercing due to the amount of germs your hands carry.

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