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Star nipple shield body jewelry

Star nipple shield body jewelry
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Product Description
Sexy cluster of hollow stars and clear gemstones are suspended upon a silver chain. 316L surgical steel, 14 gauge 5/8" straight barbell is externally threaded. Sold individually.

Body jewelry has come a long way in recent years. Years ago it was considered strange if anything more than your ears were pierced and to see earrings on a man would actually be frowned upon. Nowadays it is quite common to see large amounts of piercing and body jewelry being worn by one single person.

Body piercing was seen as something the more adventurous would have considered having done and even then it would be limited to ears. With increasing popularity body piercing is becoming a trend and sometimes an addiction. Quite often you will see people with not only their ears pierced but also various other parts of the body including the navel, lips and tongue.

These piercing are not limited to women they are also seen on men.
Having a body piercing involves puncturing your skin with a specialist tool and adding a piece of body jewelry hygiene is an important factor when having any sort of piercing as infections are common. It is important to keep the pierced area clean and germ free, it is recommended that you should not touch a piercing for at least 24 hours and after that make sure your wash your hands before touching the piercing due to the amount of germs your hands carry.

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How to order the "Buy Jewelry 90-95% Below Retail Cost" Guide

How to order the

It is very easy to sell these items because you can offer your customers fantastic discounts. We offer 50% to 70% off of every item we sell and you should see the smiles of our customers when they leave our store! They get a great deal and can even sell the jewelry again themselves for a profit, probably on eBay. Either way, everyone comes out ahead with a great product at a terrific value or more money in their pocket.

Getting excited yet? I hope so! I love bettering people's lives and with this offer you can change your life extremely fast. And don't forget.... Christmas will be here before you know it!

JewelryLike Crazyat Shows

How to Sell Your JewelryLike Crazyat Shows, Fairs, and Festivals

You're about to learn every success tip, strategy, and secret I've discovered over the past several years of selling my handcrafted jewelry at shows.

There are hundreds of things you can do to make a tremendous difference in your success and income at shows, fairs, and festivals.

"Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth" details everything I've learned for squeezing the maximum profits out of your jewelry booth.

I wrote this ebook as a step-by-step information resource to help you succeed in selling your handcrafted jewelry at shows, too.

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How did I discoverthese strategiesfor selling handcrafted jewelry at shows?

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Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry is desired in part for its wonderful historical past. This type of accessory has been passed down from generation to generation in many cases and would have a world to tell if it was able to put its past into words. Not only do some antique jewelry lovers want to wear the piece of history on their person but they also enjoy researching its origin and finding out more about its historical background.

It is often said that they simply do not make things these days in the same durable, exquisite fashion as they did in the past decades and centuries. This applies to many different things yet can be said to apply to antique jewelry as well. The way in which these types of pieces were crafted not only presents a beautiful finished product but it is often one which will stand the test of time.

Antique wedding rings can be either real antique rings made in the past or custom made rings that model the style of rings made in the past. Either one is relatively easy to find on the internet or off. It's simply a matter of doing some research and double-checking to make sure that you're buying a real antique ring and not a remake.

Tip one, if you are looking on a website thoroughly read all that material before purchase so that you are clear on what they sell. It may also be a good idea to check with the better business bureau and see if there are any complaints about the marketer. This also holds true if you are shopping in a store or antique market for a ring.

Tip two; don't let a pushy seller talk you into something you aren't sure of before you are ready to make the purchase. They should always be willing to hold a ring or let you come back. This is your wedding ring and it's meant to yours for a long time so make sure you like the one you get.
Tip three, if it’s a real antique you may wish to have it appraised by an outside appraiser so you can see if you are getting a good deal or if you need to have it insured. Also check to see if a ring of this type comes with documentation. Documentation can be anything from an affidavit of the previous owners with preferably a picture of the ring being worn at sometime in the far past to previous appraisals of the ring. Follow these tips and keep a sharp eye out and you're sure to find some real gems.

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Pendant In Sterling Silver Handcrafted

Pendant In Sterling Silver Handcrafted By Artisans Of India Handmade Indian Jewelry Size 3.5 inches
Sale: $101.65

Amethyst and Garnet Silver Pendant From India. Very fashionable and exquisitely crafted, sterling silver pendant combined with flawlessly cut healing gemstones in exciting designs. Sterling silver jewelry is popular for its casual smart looks and flawless finish. Gemstones are considered the repositories of cosmic rays and in India are used to treat illnesses, enhance ones fortunes and ward off evil effects. Hindu cosmology considers all 9 planets as deities, with each having a special color. Nine gemstones namely Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Sapphire, Coral, Topaz, Cats eye and Lyaenth (called Navratna), correspond to the planets and are used to negate their bad effects or enhance ones good fortunes. Hard stones viz. agate, bloodstone, carnelian, chalcedony, garnet, rainbow etc. are available in abundance and the techniques of cutting, shaping, polishing and drilling, make it a flourishing industry. Check out our attractive range of sterling silver necklaces in black stone, moonstone, garnet, amethyst, carnelian, iolite, sapphire, jade and other gems. To match the necklaces various varieties of earrings, ring and bracelets are also available. Gemstone silver pendant in a whirl of colors are attractive bargains, which can be worn on all occasions ? they could, depending on the astrological configuration you were born, also contribute to happy healthy living.

Silver Cleaning Tips:
Always wash your silver by hand. If there is no tarnish on your silver, simply use a phosphate-free detergent to clean it. Washing and drying your silver immediately after using it will keep you from having to use tarnish removing tools less often. Be careful when washing in a metal sink as it could scratch your silver.
In the early stages of tarnish, your silver will have a yellowish tint. The darker in color this gets, the harder to remove. If left untouched, it will eventually turn black.

All silver cleaning

Strawberry Lane - Artisan Jewlery by AzizaBeads featuring Kazuri

Strawberry Lane - Artisan Jewlery by AzizaBeads featuring Kazuri

Take me down memory lane to the beatles
It measures 22" Around and the focal Kazuri bead is about 35 mm

To give and idea of the size of all the other beads. And the flowers and strawberry fields bloom all the way up the necklace in more Kazuri and lamwork beads. The tiny 4 mm beads which conneect all of these beads and draw them together into a harmonious whole are czech english cut vintage iridescent light pink faceted beads and they do hold their own for their size. The colors are primarilly mauves pink and violets with some other more subtle colors which give balance. This necklace makes a definite statement and will be noticed. The Kazuri beads are all hand molded and hand painted by a woman's co-operative in kenya and the lamp-work beads are all hand blown by various artists here in the USA.

Jewelry is one of the most personal gifts you can give someone. Handmade jewelry chosen for that special person says you have given a lot of thought to your purchase. You may choose from many types of handcrafted artisan jewelry such as casual, classic, and contemporary, to jewelry worn with business attire or formal wear. Also keep in mind the variety and color of jewelry available from freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstone, and crystals, to African trade beads. In addition to personal color preference, think about whether the person for whom you are purchasing this gift has a passion for earrings, bracelets or necklaces.

Consider personal style in choosing your gift. An appropriate gift for a very casual dresser, wearing jeans, t-shirts and flip flops may not be suitable for the business person who wears more formal apparel every day. A trendy necklace or bracelet in their favorite color looks great when dressing up a denim outfit. If your friend has a fondness for certain gemstones, a beautiful gemstone pendant may compliment a traditional business suit. A contemporary dresser may wear the most stylish jewelry while a formal dresser might prefer a classic jewelry ensemble, maybe freshwater pearls or crystals.

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