Sunday, May 27, 2007

Icedout Hip Hop Silver Plated Ring ! Imported

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The hip hop jewelry industry has always been known for it’s innovation in jewelry, sometimes good and other times bad. However, the newest fashion trend is starting to catch on and that trend is the custom belt buckle.
Custom belt buckles are simply a belt buckle that allows the person wearing it to customize it to their own taste. There are two very popular forms of custom belt buckles and they are custom name plate buckles and LED scrolling text buckles.
Custom name plate belt buckles allow a person to pick out several letters that they want to appear on their buckle. They can choose to display their name, their initials or any other message they would like. These belt buckles are becoming very popular and are being worn by an increasing number of celebrities. The most popular form of these custom name plate belt buckles is the iced out version in which the buckle is lined with stones in order to give it that “bling” look.

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